See you Summer, Hello Autumn



The autumn has definitely arrived and our annual jacket hunt has begun. Every year we all look for a jacket which we think it will last us a lifetime, however after the season is over our much needed jackets have either ‘ sell by date’ , or they have falling apart due to all the wear we have had out of them throughout the autumn and winter season.


This year why not take your time and find a jackets which has a timeless look and feel as well being such good quality, it will not fray no matter how often you wear it. Let’s starts by taking a look at the most fashionable items ‘Biker jacket’, after that will do my top 4 picks for autumn winter style jackets as baseball jackets, double breasted jacket, military jacket .



You see, there are only about two periods to wear biker jackets: mid-September till late October and then mid-April till about late May before and after it is either too cold or too hot. Most girls wear their biker jackets all winter , and you can also use them as layers under the coat. I believe that biker jacket is such a fashionable items that girls cannot resist them at all! . As a result, I suggest in a girls closet , you need to have a range of biker jackets , all serving different purposes: there is the soft, light cropped one for the evening, the heavier vintage one for everyday and a shearling for colder days (although the weather in Hong Kong is not cold enough, and I believe season did nothing to the fashion peoples . Once when I was in Tokyo in August, I even saw a girls worn a down jacket with fur collar ! She is the real fashionlista ).


Black Libre leather lasercut shrots by Alice by temperley





Pleated sleeveless top @popmart




Wear your most fashionable ‘Biker jacket’, with a graphic top and leather shorts, a stylish look that will never out of fashion.

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