in between


Time flies and Now is Mid-October. I can’t believe that!

The weather is still in between : the tail of Summer and the head of Autumn.

I am a Summer person and I Do love light fabric and textured clothing.

In such a shifting weather I would like to let my summer mix with autumn. :)

All Black today : Summer black dress + Black leather sandal + Black wool hat + Black leather belt with metal buckle + Heavy Black leather bag

Yes! Black on Black -Black always give me a Fall/Winter feelings, but wear in this dress which made by light Jersey, I really feel comfortable which make me feeling summer is still beside me! :D


fafa lee @

- this is the photo I taken with my FM2 camera in ”After School”- my friend’s cafe. Love the old school image and love the texture that brings by Film.


Do not forget your Summer smile even in Fall and Winter :)

Keep the passion, Show it to others

Burn the Winter :)


Be kind to the one and others.

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Please click the above ‘Fafa lee @’ pictures to see  other of her looks .

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