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For my pervious blogs, I had talked about the must have items in AW13, such as the biker jacket and baseball jackets. I believe another hot piece for the ladies is going to be the double breasted coat. The double breasted jacket is another timeless piece that is very important in women’s fashion, andI’m so sure you will become so fashionable after I have giving you the styling tips on this item!

Burberry AW13


In general, double-breasted can be refers to a jacket or coat with two vertical rows of buttons down its front. The double-breasted coat’s two rows of buttons can be divided into two styles, from a single-breasted coat, which has only one vertical row of buttons. While the single-breasted coat may be more common, the double-breasted coat has its place as a winter jacket and sports coat.

Salvatore ferragamo


Paul Smith

The two vertical rows of buttons run parallel to each other on a double-breasted coat. A person wearing the coat usually has the option of buttoning it either on the right or left side. However sometimes one row of buttons is only for decoration purpose and doesn’t have corresponding button holes. In some cases, one row of buttons will be completely functional while the other row has only one or two matching buttonholes.


The number of horizontal rows of buttons for a double-breasted jacket can be different. Many coats have three horizontal rows on the outside, for a total of six buttons. Usually, two buttons on either the right or left side close the jacket and the top button is left unfastened. Some coats also have an additional, hidden button on the inside panel too.


For another styling of the jacket, it is what I called the  ‘ borrowed-from-the-boys’ style. It is a formal style perfectly for business lunch or meeting and it doesn’t mean you need to give up your femininity.  My style tips to you is, you can top off with your timeless stylish white shirt with a strong, masculine jacket for a classic and cool look, and there are several other ways to style this fantastic essential item too!

Love this style so much!  So chic with a swag twist .

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