Army of me: Let’s battle AW 13

I don’t recall any peoples likes the idea of war or any military operations, we keep hearing of these almost daily, which has had to affect our sight of fashion. it seems like for the AW 13 collection , military trend will be a big hit this time . Every designer from Alexander Wang to Christopher Kan, has show their works inspired by the military trend. All of them are quite simple and comfy like real military clothing but of course there will be a twist with fashion, the fabrics are softer and designs are more in trend and fashionable.

Military trend in AW 13


Military daily style

Remember for the daily military style rules is ‘ The more casual or formal-appropriate your look needs to be, the more you should “tone-down” on the extreme militare-look.’ it’s best to match more classic, neutral pieces with the military look. Think oversize camel pullover with skinny three quarter pants!

My tips:

*Don’t go over the top with the patterns and buttons to reduce the gaudiness the military trend tends to carry.

*If you worry you will look like just escape from the army camp, try working with smaller military trends. Such as, shoes, bag, or accessory.

Snap shot @Paris



The Easiest Way to Wear Military

I believe a military jacket is the easiest way to get started, and it gives a simple way to pull a military look together. How chic is it to, just team up with a t-shirt, jeans, boots and throwing on the gorgeous military jacket.  it’s  will only takes a  very little effort and it  makes you look like a ‘million dollar baby’!

My tips:

* Pairing the jacket with neutrals color, such as camel and it will make the jacket stand out a lot!

* Can add a little bit of colorful accessories to pop up the jacket too.

* if the military jacket is in a deep navy with gold buttons, dress up  with some black skinny jeans or leggings. If the jacket is more in trench like and green, go with jeans or khakis.


Military Femme

To make the military trend more feminine is actually very simple. The best way to do so is to change other items instead of trying to find a very girl military jacket or pants. Pulling a white ruffle and lace blouse, or a floral dress under a military jacket. Or fix up with some very girly accessories to break up the tough look, think flowers and military. You can also find military items with a bit of femininity built inside.


Color the military styles

You can add color by wearing the military trend itself in color. You can make yourself uber- stylin by wearing a red or pink military jacket instead of the requisite blue and black.

Be adventurous to wear a pair of red jeans or glitter kitten heels, if you’re wearing a dark-wash military jacket. Do remember, one bright color at a time, you don’t want to be mix and un-match.

Karolina – Kurkova

Military accessories

If you want to save money, accessories are a great way to get into the military trend without spending too much. Look for detail embroidery on shoes, bags and jewelry. Think green, khaki, leather and navy.



Fashion Peoples at Viss 

Wiyona Yeung @

Wiyona Yeung in Viva la diva boyish military style .

Shin dandy @

Shin dandy in camouflage tee. The most simplest way to do camouflage style.

Like their looks?  click the pictures above and see other looks by Wiyona Yeung and Shin dandy @  .



Asos studded shoulder military jacket @

Warehouse Military coat available @

Click the pictures above and  enjoy shopping now!


Celebrity style 

Victoria Beckham in military dress, beautiful !

Rihanna in camouflage tee.


Rihanna x river island , a very hot collaboration to look for in Nov 2013



Sexy military Barbie baby ! Are this available in toy’s r us ?

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